The Six Stars Renovation process is simple.

1. Initial Consultation

First, a professional bathroom design consultant visits your home to discuss in detail all your design ideas, concepts, expectations, and budget. The consultant will take the measurements at this stage to help us develop a plan and proposal based on your requirements.

2. Plan and Proposal

We will prepare your tailored personal bathroom proposal and present it to you within 7 days. In the proposal, you will find:

  • Details on the entire renovation process
  • A timeframe proposal
  • Introduction to the range of products, including tiles, plumbing fixtures, lighting and more
  • The whole project cost
  • Additional options and costs

3. Contract

Next, you will sign a contract to confirm that you are completely satisfied with the Plan and Proposal and wish to proceed. We will guide you through the HIA Lump Sum Building Renovation contract. The contract confirms all the details of your bathroom renovations, including products, processing, costs, and timeline. When we have both accepted and signed the contract, Six Stars Renovation commences preparation for the works.

4. Preparatory stage

In this stage, our design consultant will give you a list of suitable products for your design for you to finalise your choices. When you have made your selections, we can order the products and they will be delivered to your home in preparation for the renovation work.

5. Renovation Stage

In this stage, your design consultant passes the project over to your project manager. The project manager uses your plans and 2D drawings to manage the renovations to your bathroom, ensuring all tradespeople and contractors work in a timely and appropriate manner to deliver your project.

6. Inspection

Finally, when your brand new dream bathroom is completed, our project manager arranges to attend an inspection of the renovation. This is your opportunity to go over the job with a fine-tooth comb and our opportunity to make sure you are happy with the work.