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Under Floor Heater Systems

When you’ve woken up on a chilly winter’s morning and stepped on lovely, warm bathroom floor just once, you will never want to go back
The advantages of under floor heating:
• A comfortable, even temperature throughout the whole room
• Invisible and maintenance free
• No cold drafts
• The perfect way to heat whole rooms or just parts of a room

Natural wood-look floor tiles

We’ve always believed that tiles are the best option for bathroom flooring. Not only are they easy to look after and clean, they also don’t break easily and resist heat and cold extremely well. Currently one of the most popular floor trends in Australia, wood-look tiles give the look and warmth of timber flooring, but incorporate the strength, durability and long lasting quality of porcelain tiles.

Open Walk in showers

When it comes to showers, the latest trend is a continuous, seamless look. You can opt for flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than stopping at the shower hob. This gives your bathroom a clean, elegant approach. Especially when featured in a smaller space. There are also some sleek long channel floor grates that run along in the shower corner, rather than in the centre of the shower.

All in one Mirror

An all in one Mirror in your bathroom would certainly make your bath more fun and relaxing! Just imagine: a television is concealed in your bathroom mirror for watching your favorite sports channel or catching up on the news while getting ready for work in the morning – or watching a movie during a long hot bath.