I want to renovate my bathroom. What do I need to do?

Before starting your renovation project you will need to consider few details, such as: your lifestyle, the decorative style you prefer (design magazines can be very helpful), who will use the room (family, couple, just yourself), will you need a bath or just a shower, how much storage space will you need, what materials and finishes do you prefer, what sort of colors do you like, and what is your budget? Six Stars Renovation can send a professional design consultant to visit you to discuss your expectations, explain the process of bathroom renovation, and provide a complimentary Renovation Plan and Proposal.

What’s the average cost to renovate a bathroom?

Every bathroom is different, which means renovation costs will always vary. Our bathroom renovation packages start from $10,990 for an all-inclusive renovation. Visit the Packages page for details on what you will get for your money. There are other factors that will determine the end cost of the renovation project, including bathroom accessibility and the products you select.

How long will it take for whole renovation process to be completed?

Normally a Six Stars bathroom renovation, from demolition/strip out to handover, will take around 3 weeks from the approval of the proposal and plan.

If I only have one bathroom and I wish to renovate it, can I still live in the house during the renovation period?

Yes, you can. We can provide you with a portable bathroom or toilet hire for this period (unfortunately this is not possible for apartments).

Do I have to stay at home during the bathroom renovation?

No, you can be absent during the renovation phase if you choose. Our professional supervisor will take care of your bathroom project at every stage and communicate or report to you as required. We can also arrange a secure, hidden lock-box on the property so you can use a key to check the progress yourself.

Will the renovation work be dusty and noisy?

Yes. The noisiest and the dustiest time will be the stage when your old bathroom is being stripped out. Fortunately, that part is usually over and done with in just 3 days. Our professional renovation team will keep dust to a minimum wherever possible by covering the floor areas where we pass from outside into the bathroom. However, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself and your home for some dust and noise in advance.

What happens if the renovation process goes over the deadline?

Our project manager has strict timeframe control and will do everything possible to finish your bathroom renovation on time. If your bathroom is not completed within the specified timeframe, we will deduct $80 per day up to a maximum of $400 until the renovation is completed. Terms and conditions apply, so speak to your consultant for full details.

How long is the workmanship warranty valid?

Six Stars Renovation provides a six (6) year warranty on workmanship and the supplier warranties on all your materials and fixtures.